Işıl Gün is one of those names who has made a name for herself in Milano, where she pursued her passion for fashion after realizing that institutional life wasn’t for her. You might already be familiar with her colorful style which reflects her vintage devotion or her work at The Level Group which serves the world’s best. Now, it’s time to get to know her better!

How did you decide to become a stylist?
When I was in high school, I used to cut my favorite pictures from magazines and paste them on my wall, collecting stylish combinations and photographs. However, the concept of being a stylist/fashion editor was not so common during those days. At least, I wasn’t aware of it; which is why I could never describe it to my family or believe it myself. After graduation, I worked for a retail company for 4 years, and once I realized that I wasn’t doing what I loved, I decided to get an education in styling.

Given that you are someone who is successful in Milano, what is your advice for those who want to pursue fashion as a career?
As required for every job, it’s important to be ambitious and confident. Visual professions like styling demands an ‘eye’ but also knowledge and technique. Therefore, one needs to be open to learning and be equipped.

What is the most valuable item in your wardrobe?
A mermaid-like evening gown that my grandmother bought from the States; it is embroidered with scales from top to bottom. Also my grandfather’s Universal Geneve watch.

Your go to address for shopping?
There are boutiques I frequent to in Milano; such as STIU, FRAV, Garden K. Other than those, flea markets, and vintage stores like Pourquoi Moi , Cavalli e Nastri are my favorites.

Who is your style icon?
The first few that come to mind are Miranda July, Roisin Murphy, and Chloè Sevigny. Their success inspires me first and foremost. Their attitude and looks are symbols of confidence. Even though they wear very entertaining and flamboyant pieces, they are always feminine. At the same time they have assertive and experimental styles. I love this contradiction.

A sentence you use the most?
“Va bene, vediamo.” (Translated to “Let’s see…”)

The most promising designer?
Raffaela Grasspointner, Molly Goddard, Faustine Steinmetz.

Which Instagram accounts would you say are inspiring for fashion?
I am usually inspired by accounts about art direction. Like Kein Magazine, Apartamento Magazine… For style, there is an account called Advance Style. It features various styles of adults, inspiring me by reminding me how lively they are.

Do you have a spring ritual?
Yes: changing my wardrobe from Summer to Winter! Since I love old clothes, I don’t really find it in myself, but in these transformation periods I try to open space for new pieces.