Iris Gold

MusicJune 7, 2016
Iris Gold

Music is suppose to make you feel special because it’s about being different; it’s about taking this thing that makes you different and doing something special with it. Iris Gold does this with Goldmine, Color Trip and most recently her cover of Egyptian Lovers – Freakaholic. And then there is more…

Do you think there is a certain naiveté to your music?

Well I guess I always try to see the best in situations and people and perhaps that comes across in the stories in my music. Whenever it’s possible I try and see the world through the eye of a child, pure and full of adventure.

Freakaholic has a completely different sound compared to the soulful element as seen in Goldmine and Color Trip. Do you hate repeating yourself?

Well it is a cover of Egyptian Lovers – Freakaholic. MNEK and I were checking out the video in a recording session and decided to do a cover of it. It was just a bit of spontaneous fun. It’s fun experimenting every once in a while.

Have you always known what you wanted to say with music?

I always knew I wanted to say its ok to be a bit different and it’s the things that are different that usually make you special. I definitely wanted to come with a positive message full of love and my flower power vibes.

Freakaholic was produced by MNEK , what was it like working with him? How did this collaboration come about?

Well I actually believe he is a straight up genius! He is a lovely guy and lots of fun to work with. The collaboration came about from us being introduced by his old publisher.. Not a super sexy story!

Did you always want to be a musician? And how do you find the current music industry now that you are in it? Were there any misconceptions you had previously?

I’m not sure I always knew I wanted to be a musician, but I started writing poems from around age six, I think, and reciting them for whoever would listen. I always loved performing. I think in the music industry like with any job, you can have bad days and lovely days. Sometimes it does feel like the highs and lows are a little more perturbing compared to some of my friends with more traditional jobs, but I guess its all relative. As a kid I was surrounded by a lot of musicians and artists of some sort, so I think I was pretty clued up on what to expect.

Do you feel like you are getting the buzz you want?

Like a bee! Definitely I love writing songs and being on stage, its like going into another dimension.

Whenever it’s possible I try and see the world through the eye of a child, pure and full of adventure.

What was it like growing up and wanting to be a musician in Copenhagen?

Well I think I was quite lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing creative people who inspired me and showed me through their own experiences.

And you are based in London now?

I’m currently back and forth between London and Copenhagen, so I get the best of both worlds.

What is the next three months like for you?

I have some cool festivals coming up around Europe, as well as gigs in my two hometowns London and Copenhagen. My EP is dropping imminently, which I’m very excited about. There are also a couple of dope ass features dropping during the summer!

Photography: Louise Kragh

Author: Tabitha Karp