İlker Aksungar

PeopleOctober 1, 2015
İlker Aksungar

If you are into dancing and house music and based in Istanbul, you’d know him for sure. If you don’t, take our advice and listen to the playlist he shared with us and then be ready for an indigo night where you’ll meet his music.

What do you do?

Music is at the centre of my life, I plan and live everything accordingly. Lately I’ve been struggling to produce my own music, which is the biggest negligence of mine with regards to my career. Apart from that, the most regular activity in my life has been running for a while now. I run almost every day and it makes me really happy.

How did you start to take an interest in music?

My uncle had a record store and a recording studio. Music came into my life at an early age.

One music genre you cannot live without?


Favourite soundtrack?

Bill Conti – Rocky (1976)

Favourite album?

”Michael Jackson – Bad’’, which was the starting point of everything for me. I had the album’s logo tattooed on my arm. My favourites in recent years are C2C – Tetra and DJ Koze–Amyglada.

One club that needs to meet your music?

I’d like to play and share my music at many places as much as possible. My door is open for anyone who likes my music.

Best venue for dancing?


One app you cannot live without?

Nike+ Running / Spotify

What is your screensaver?

A black and white airplane photo taken by Semih Vardar.

Ekim için favori playlist’in? | Favourite playlist for October?

1- &ME – Woods

2 – Rashid Ajami Feat. Jaw – Night Prayer

3 – Djuma Soundsystem, Shades Of Gray – Madness (Noir Remix)

4 – Nice7 – Too Long

5 – Ryan Murgatroyd – Ikalimba

Author: Duygu Bengi