Nature begins to show its generous, serene and peaceful side to us when it is summer. And it is impossible to not to get caught up in these beauties when nature is that generous and people are that happy. Enjoying summer and creating new summer flavors is a necessity for Emir Elidemir. Following the sun, being caught in the shadows, dreaming of stars in warm summer nights and to be able to accept nature with every taste in every way … The season starts for Emir when he accepts all its elements. It is equal to the experience and it turns into an endless story as you share it. We are enjoying summer with Emir, come join us!

What kind of person do you become when it is summer, do you change?

I start to pay more attention to myself. Sports and diet discipline my life. I like to reward myself with short weekend breaks.

How do you know when summer is coming? What changes in your life?

I know that summer is coming when I start publishing fit recipes. Light summer recipes become my agenda.

Favorite fruit of the summer?

In my opinion, the best fruit in the world, which is figs.

What is Emir’s definition of summer?

Resting and purification.

Favorite activity in summer?

Falling asleep on the beach, in the shade.

Favorite drink of the summer?


What excites you most about summer?

Holidays abroad

Tell us about your ideal summer vacation!

I am from Izmir. We spend the summer months in Alaçatı with my family and friends. Sea, sand and crowded evening meals define my summers.

A feature that only those who know you well know?

Mosquitoes always bite me if we have several people sleeping together in the room.

A book to take with you on your summer vacation?

Trevanian- Shibumi

Describe a summer ritual?

Night walks.

What is your favorite taste of nature in summer?

Artichokes and Blackberries

Sunbathing or following the shadows?

Sunbathing first and then following the shadows.

What are your summer essentials?

Pool/seaside parties

Your biggest motivation lately?

Going global in my business

You are spending time in nature in the summer, share your favorite moment with us!

In partnership with Mett Bodrum
Talent Emir Elidemir
Creative Direction & Interview by Duygu Bengi
Fashion Director Burak Sanuk
Photography by Yağız Yeşilkaya
Videography by Ecem Tungaz
Styling by Murat Kıvık
Editor Dilan Günaçtı
The Voice Can Remzi Ergen