How to not lose your excitement?

UnframedNovember 1, 2020
How to not lose your excitement?

Starting his design journey without even noticing himself, Yasin Aribuga’s passion for drawing began as a child, like most artists.  “Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always drawn, even if they were hideous.” Yasin now spends his days working for art collectives called AfterWork, which he founded with Sude Belkıs, producing creative works with other designers and organizing exhibitions.

Yasin’s originality is not the result of a movement that constantly affects his designs, but of the fact that he constantly follows ever-changing innovations and does not adhere to one of them. “I don’t think I have a specific track.  I don’t like to follow tracks.  “Even if I get instant gratification from what I do, I start to hate the work after 1-2 months and move on to find something new,” says Yasin about his capricious style.  When we ask him about the most exciting part of the design process, he says, “When I start a new design, I usually fictionalize the final version of the work I’m going to do in my head before I start, but the result usually comes out as something completely different from what I’ve fictionalized. For me, the biggest excitement comes from here. Even if you start with the utmost clarity, the end result is always unique. This uncertainty excites me.”  And he is one of the only people who thought about the pandemic positively. Yasin, who initially turned the isolation that came with Covid into inspiration, now regrets ever wishing Covid to be longer.  When we see New Normal, their collective digital exhibition that came out during the quarantine, we can’t help but wish for Yasin’s quarantine period to be longer too.  Recently, as we are re-transitioning to physical life, they exhibited their new photography selection, “Duality (İkilik)”.  Go check it out if you’re interested.

How does your desk look?

How is working interdisciplinary?

What inspires you lately?

Graphic or illustration?

What does geography mean to you?

Virtual exhibition or physical exhibition?

Do you have any advice for creatives?

What’s in the future for you, do you have a dream?

What will happen to this world?

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Author: Burcu Erbaş