Although Catalan artist Pepo Moreno’s sincere, referenced and naive interpretation attracts attention with its queer aspect, it touches more people by talking about childhood, pain, loneliness and beauty.

With his interesting work “This is a gay book”, he caught attention of Coperni and it the book is a direct response to homophobia. In his own words, the book is actually a way of creating a parallel reality where being straight is the exception and being gay is the new normal. Moreno, who is probably taking advantage of living in Barcelona, ​​Paris and Berlin with its versatility, does not limit his art only to his identity, “I like to think of my art as something wider than queer. However, I find that it connects better with my community: the message and the relevance are pretty clear.”

By answering the questions with his drawings, a dissident image emerged that is both naive as a child’s innocence and sometimes predominant in its political aspect.

In his own words “It is 2022, put your hate up ur 🍑”

How do you feel when you accomplish something?

Being overwhelmed be like.

Do you feel introverted or extroverted?

What are you most thankful for?

The best way to celebrate.

For now, being at home or traveling?

What are the things you do that make you lose track of time?

How was 2022 so far?

Being multilingual be like.

What does being original mean?