Troublesome Harlem streets of Manhattan where black and white resolve…

Chasing after the ever-existing hope, joy of living and passion in the patriarchal streets of Harlem, Sedat Doğan has created his own stories out of those promising lives.

Sometimes you seem hopeful and you live hopefully, too. That’s when the volume of the music goes up. Therefore jazz and blues are freer in Harlem streets than they have never been in anywhere else.

What you express in horror might be the way a society holds on to life.


 I saw how they scattered into the darkness and still, I knew that they didn’t lose the light in themselves. I wanted to show that.


Lately I’ve been chasing after the traces of underground lives with my work on the axis of Istanbul- New York-London. You don’t expect anything from the others if you want to be happy there and I tried to use this fact as much as possible in my recent work.