It is hard to imagine a world without David Bowie’s work of art. Bowie made an art of the unexpected, as he did with almost everything about his work and his life.

In 1970, David Bowie released his third album called “The Man Who Sold the World.” On the record cover, Bowie is pictured reclining on a chaise longue with long wavy hair and wearing a long velvet dress, dubbed the “man dress.” Styled with some block-heeled suede boots, the look was deliberately androgynous. He repeatedly re-wore the “man dress”, designed by Mick Jagger’s dresser Mr Fish, throughout his US publicity tour in early 1971, despite being reportedly ridiculed by the general public on the street.And he became the initiator of androgyny as a concept.

The way he exaggerated his moves and fashion were seen far more controversial. Bowie used his music and fashion as a self expression. People like Jean Paul Gaultier, Zandra Rhodes and Vivienne Westwood really did extraordinary things, which were all linked in many, many ways with David Bowie. He was an inspiration to many creatives. Today marks 72nd birthday his excellency, visionary.

Thank you for changing the world forever!