Gucci’s Special Book Series for Paige Powell’s Memories

NewsApril 27, 2019
Gucci’s Special Book Series for Paige Powell’s Memories

Gucci, fotoğraf sanatçısı Paige Powell’ın 1980’lerde Harlem’den SoHo’ya uzanarak 20. yüzyılın sanat sahnesini belgelediği fotoğraflarından oluşan kitap serisi Paige Powell’ı hayata geçirdi.

Gucci launched a book series Paige Powell, from of photographs by photographer Paige Powell taken from the Harlem to SoHo in the 1980s, documenting the 20th century art scene.

When Paige Powell was a close confidant of Andy Warhol, she was also a regular member of the art scene at the end of the 20th century with Keith Harring and Jean-Micheal Basquiat and she recorded all the important moments.

The art director of the series that published by Dashwood Books is Nathanial Kilcer and the editor is Kim Hastreiter. The series includes, Beulah Land, a visual memorial book installation created by Paige in 1984 for the art space called Beulah Land; Animals visualized as an animal activist; her datailed project Artists Eating and the photographer himself and his life as a subject that Paige has recorded extensively, Paige Powell.

In the books you can find rare and never-seen photos of David Bowie, Leo Castelli, Alba Clemente, George Condo, Bill Cunningham, Edit DeAk, Jeffrey Deitch, Matt Dillion, Vincent Gallo, Debbie Harry and more.

Author: Jale Öner