#GucciGram Tia brings cultural features and various perspectives together by interpreting motives from Chinese culture in collaboration with various artists. Tian, which means sky and heaven in Chinese, is composed of caligraphic lines of hummingbirds and butterflies, witnesses the seductive flirt of Gucci’s iconic GG Supreme motive and comes to life in the accessories of 2016 Spring/Summer collections.

Curated by the brand’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele, artists in the Tian project draw up the Tian pattern through their own experiences and perspectives. The amazing works and creativity of the artists open the doors of a surreal world and encourage us to dream.


Cao Fei, who was a part of the exhibition No Longer / Not Yet which took place in the city of Shangai in October 2015, unites the feeling of wanderment and the Tian pattern in the photograph where the city can be seen in the background. Cheng Ran, who is an expert on multi-video projects, draws an angry kitten. Korean and Australian Jaesuk Kim gives Tian a humorous language by binding a Padlock model purse from the brand with an image of a woman swinging on a tree. Charles Loh creates a perfect theatre stage by using real flowers, presenting Tian patterns in the background of his piece. Indonesian Fajar P. Domingo takes original Tian patterns and interprets them: thanks to Tian, the black and white artwork of a woman comes into a colorful world. Also Yoshito Hasaka authentically reworks the pattern and reflects it on the buildings in Tokyo.


Instagram based #GucciGram “Tian” project comes up with Asian artists handling the patterns and celebrates going back to the cultural roots, it supports one of the most important features of social media, exceeding the limits.