An unidentified identity… Dinçer İşgel defines himself with these words and his ultimate wish is to keep being on the road. Identifying even the concept of home in this way, he underlines the needlessness of matter; “I don’t feel the need to put myself in a certain category. Matter is an unnecessary concept for me. So, I’ve always earned just enough to travel and live. I act on the idea that love feeds the soul.” Dinçer says that he has primitive human instincts and that he reflects that energy through his camera. Even though his journey started when he was 15 years old with a 36-frame camera and later continued with smart phones, he had always preserved his soul.

“Verbal communication is not my style. My brain functions with a more visual mechanism. I oftentimes fail to project my emotions, feelings, and thoughts with words. Words lack power in my world, so my own way of seeing works differently, it is more chaotic.”

This form of communication adopted by Dinçer is also the reason for his photography which is “uncovering the unheeded.” For this reason, the visuals in which concepts such as love, and freedom are felt in the most striking way do not fail to inspire and captivate many different souls.

For Dinçer, who is dreaming of an endless “state of being on the road” with the motivation that inspiration is everywhere, everything has the potential to be a trigger for production. “To help a person, to feel that person. Being able to understand their feelings, their thoughts. I just want to be a good human. I want to make my brain happy, not my pocket.” Being able to sleep with a clear conscience is his biggest wish… In Dinçer’s unfiltered universe, there are many moments that conduce to self- discovery.

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