World’s most iconic sweatshirt is now being reinterpreted by designers who shape streetwear trends. GAP’ new special collection for men’s sweaters were designed in collaboration with GQ and with participations of brands such as Balmain, Dsquared2, MSGM, No Vacancy, Surf is Dead, Opening Ceremony Stampd and Officine Generale. Designers open out this iconic world’s doors by reinterpreting the iconic GAP logo with their own unique styles. Keep on turning the pages and join our meeting with the ones who are in our radar with their authentic styles: Serkay, Ali, Önder, Nil, Umut and Sercan!

“In an order where individuality is nonexistent, staying authentic is one of the most luxurious things in life. Once you hang onto the values which make you precious and have the self-possession to visualize them, then we can talk about style.” Önder Tiryaki

Önder TiryakiÖnder Tiryaki

“If you can show your difference even though you’re keeping up with what’s trendy, you’re free… I define the blend which come from all the decisions that have an influence on my image as ‘my style.’ These decisions point out the sum which includes my clothes and haircut, my lifestyle and my vacations, what I read and watch.” Sercan Badur


Sercan Badur Sercan Badur Sercan Badur Sercan Badur

“Being authentic is a state when the non-different is being shown distinctively and create an awareness. For me, style is expressing yourself in a minimalist way.” Utku Ateş

Utku Ateş Utku Ateş Utku Ateş Utku Ateş

“Everyone who’s able to stand on their own two feet has the chance to shape their future and draw their lines as they please. As our personal decisions increase, our own truths start to increase, too. When your sense of belonging improves and you add up your happy moments on top of that, cues about your own style start to show itself.” Ali Yağcı

Ali Yağcı Ali Yağcı

“Style is finding out what suits you and feel confident with it… In order to be authentic, first you have to be comfortable in your own skin. It’s the only way to remain faithful to yourself while making decisions!” Serkay Tütüncü

Serkay Tütüncü Serkay Tütüncü

“Being authentic is letting your soul be free… In the interest of the word ‘authentic’ to find its true meaning, one must come to realize whatever he’s designing shouldn’t be affected by a trend or anything that has been done before. Even if there are people saying “That’s my style,” I think that style is a global phenomenon. Nowadays fashion designers, editors, influencers determine the style perception and people adapt it for themselves. Main lines are already decided… Being stylish is not applying every trend word by word but adding personal interpretations authentically.” Nil Ninat

Nil Ninat Nil Ninat