Frances Morris is Tate Modern’s New Director

Arts & CultureApril 20, 2016
Frances Morris is Tate Modern’s New Director

So here is the deal with Frances Morris; She is committed to women and the women in the arts who have been overlooked! Feminism is on the rise again, and so its only natural that the arts must follow this trend. ““It isn’t like we are celebrating women for six months and then all the chaps come back,” she said, reports the Guardian. “There is a commitment now to show the real history of art and the contribution made by many women who have been overlooked for many reasons.”

With Tate’s revamped look about to be unveiled, this is a new era for art in London and internationally. According to Morris; “We’ve tried to bring out of the shadows people who have been overlooked.”

Here is to a new era of art…

Author: Tabitha Karp