Finding Your Own Voice: Christine Nielsen

kategorisizNewsNovember 16, 2018
Finding Your Own Voice: Christine Nielsen

After leaving fashion school, design students often face the choice between starting their own label immediately or going into the industry to gain experience at various design houses before going it alone. Among the designers in the latter category is Christine Nielsen, founder of Hyun Mi Nielsen.

After experiencing the most inspiring brands in the industry such as Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, and Balenciaga under Alexander Wang, Nielsen decided to start her own label to bring her closer to the tactile side of design. The clothes themselves are constructed using couture techniques, but are ultimately pieces for the working woman’s wardrobe, including chic leather dresses, oversized coats, and clean-cut tailoring. Adding a touch of ‘punk’ are metal embellishments, over-the-knee skintight leather boots, and bralets worn over printed tops. While the brand is not sustainable, Nielsen hopes her focus on luxury techniques and attention to detail will help create looks that people want to keep forever. She explaines her brand as in “It’s the closest thing to what I’d call myself.”



Author: Zeynep Sahin