An Extravagant Soul: Nadia Lee Cohen

Arts & CultureFebruary 7, 2018
An Extravagant Soul: Nadia Lee Cohen

Colorful, bold, chic, vintage with a cool up to date twist: Introducing Nadia Lee Cohen!

Photographer, filmmaker and self-portrait artist Nadia Lee Cohen lately catches our attention with her different artistic approach through her works, inspired by Hitchcock’s The Birds, David Lynch’s Blue Velvet, Harmony Korine’s Gummo, John Waters’s Pink Flamingos and Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, shaped by a little contemporary touch of her own surreal fantasy world. Cohen is considerably remarkable not just for her unique style in photography and in films but also for her own iconic look. Nadia’s extravagant style has a huge presence in the social media. A quick click on her Instagram and you’ll catch up with a big range of very kitsch and stylized poses of the ultimate ‘50s Hollywood muse adopted in modern times.

Have you ever had difficulties to name the work you do?

Yes, sometimes I find it hard to describe to relatives or people that I meet when they ask me ‘what I do’; I think they tend to think I’m a wedding photographer.

What led you to this area?

When people started to pay me.

In a world where everyone is defining himself as creative or photographer how did you accomplish to step out?

I wouldn’t say that I am any different to anyone else that feels they are a creative.

What was your big break?

I didn’t really have one, things just naturally progressed.

Have all the visuals you created reflect a specific artistic statement?

No; I don’t like to obviously inflict statements in my work, if you find them then that’s great. It’s all about how someone chooses to view it.

Yes, creating a story or a mood board is something but after all how do you exactly embody a concept or turn a visual composition into reality?

I generally start with a mood board and make a very detailed plan that is heavily based around color palette, as long as I know the color palette I feel comfortable going on set.

Does it come to reality every time exactly like you imagined and wanted it to be?

Actually, most of the time it actually does!

 What are your favorite Instagram accounts nowadays?


Author: Serra Duran