There is a point in life where we realize who we are, realizing that moment that we start living our true-self. Ekin Beril’s perspective on life is creating music.

Think of a person with so much passion and dreams on loving every aspect of making sounds. What she wants for her listeners is to have an extraordinary experience and feel the different sounds through her music. We met with Ekin Beril to talk about what truly inspiring about music and how she is keeping it on a level with her true-self.

I can say that the desire to create lays at the base of my life.

You’ve managed to take people to a world created by vibrations in a very short period of time. What does inspiration mean to you?

Inspiration is the life itself! It’s not about the creation process. Every move we make is a reflection of our lifestyles and the things that inspire us. Even though we’re not fully aware of it, we shape our identities by getting inspiration from things.

The musical instruments you use during the creating process are almost like gaining meaning with the word ‘synchronizing.’ Why is the relation between process and synchronize is important for you?

Music is this synchronized sounds creating a wholeness… Especially the songs with videos which I loop, adding sounds one by one and building a song makes this synchronization more visible. In this manner, for the person who listens while watching a more interesting and also educating content come up to life. The creation process has nothing to do with it. After a song is finished, I cut it into pieces in order to play. And in order to do that, I use instruments which can sync / synchronize with each other.

How do you define creativity?

To express yourself! I love to create. It’s not just limited with my music, it’s my hobby to come up with new ideas in lots of other fields. I’m not much of a consumer. I try to consume things which give me some sort of inspiration while living and creating. I can say that the desire to create lays at the base of my life 

While creating something, how do you prepare your surroundings?

Actually the creating process is a long and troublesome road. My studio at home is always ready for me to work on something. But the main creating process actually starts in the mind. The most important thing is to focus and having an idea at hand. After that I start to work on planning that song at my studio or just play my guitar or sometimes without an instrument. I don’t have a specific method. It just changes according to my mood.

Even though we’re not fully aware of it, we shape our identities by getting inspiration from things.

Your music sounds like a blending of sounds in an avant-garde way. Like a story which can’t be understood just by telling but only if you listen. How can you describe your music to someone who doesn’t know anything about it?  

I can’t describe my music. I think that we live in a design age. So that’s why I try to create music which is authentic, subjective and try to stay free from any particular style or pattern. I don’t restrict myself. In my latest album there’s a lot of vocal composition and synthpop elements. But just saying there won’t do justice when it comes to describing my music. I guess they need to listen and decide. 

When do you have hard times while creating? 

The most impressive times are when I’m experiencing something in life. Actually all the stories are about me and my experiences. At this point the hardest times are the times where I explore and try to get to know myself.

A song which describes you? 

Can be Kanye West – Lost in the World… Kanye covered Bon Iver’s song Woods and used Justin Vernon’s, the band’s lead singer’s vocals as a sample to his song. It’s a song which is really dear to me because of the lyrics, the idea and the design.

If you could only listen one song for the rest of your life, which song would you pick?

It’s a really scary thought for me. (Laughs) I guess I won’t choose anything in that case.

If you could so a soundtrack project for a movie, what would that movie be?

All of my favorite movies have awesome soundtracks! So, I guess I would like a brand new movie. I would like to make a soundtrack for a new Spike Jonze movie.

If you could have dinner with a person who inspires you, who would it be?

I’d like to have dinner with Thom Yorke, since I’m a huge fan since childhood.

Photography by : Ozan Tezvaran