Saying the stories of the past aestheticize the future, the thought of ending the night, rather than starting it, is much stronger and intense for Mert!

How do you separate night from day?

The night has its own soul. And the night makes me feel eternally eternal. I mean, if I feel an unpredictable excitement, it always happens at night, it’s not something I experience during the day.

How does the night start for you?

It doesn’t really matter how I start, I think the thought of how it ends is much stronger.

It’s getting dark, you’re walking down the streets; what’s playing in the background?

She was a middle-class girl, she was in over her head…

How would you describe the night?

The darkness of night covers everything, that is, all its ugliness and imperfections.

What does the connection between the past and the future mean to you?

There’s a proverb that I love very much… “Bulls don’t read history”…Stories of the past aestheticize the future…