For Boran Kuzum, the night is more energetic, more creative, and free. It is closer to the Boran he wants to be…

How do you separate night from day?
What I feel at night separates itself from any moment of the day!

How does the night start for you?
It starts when I can free myself from the daily dose of stress and exhaustion. The only boundary between me and the night is how I feel.

One of the “moments” that make Boran Boran?
Every astatic moment… On every trip, I find myself a little more. How would you describe the night?

Whether you stay with yourself or mingle with the crowd, it’s the process that free’s you with its energy.

A song that quickly changes your mood?

New Order-Blue Monday

Creative Direction & Interview by Duygu Bengi
Video Director by Ragıp Ergün
Photography by Burcu Karademir
Styling Kübra Özden
Hair Akın Ünal
MUA Burcu Taş
Producer Metehan Öz
Post Producer Zeynep Torun
Art Director İrem Kaşıkçı
Camera Mesmo Salur
Set Supervisor Sertaç Ataç
Styling Assistant Melike Karabulut
Production Asst. Eylül Yankın