Madrileño fashion has a lot to say especially now. The founder, Miguel Becer: A young designer who spent years to establish his brand ManéMané in Madrid, Spain. We are learning more about the unknowns of being an emerging label and how he contributes to the millennial, fast fashion industry with a new statement and voice of womenswear.

ManéMané’nin stilini birkaç kelimeyle nasıl tarif edersiniz?

Ahh! Bu zor bir soru… ManéMané’nin stili benimle birlikte büyüyor ve her gün kim olduğuma bağlı olarak değişiyor ama bu tarzın bir kısmının gelenek, halk kültürü ve fütüristik bir bakış açısı ile ilgili olduğuna tamamen eminim.

Bize ekip ve stüdyo ortamınız hakkında daha fazla bilgi verir misiniz?

ManéMané hakkında en çok sevdiğim şey bu. Biz çok genç yaratıcılardan oluşan çok küçük bir ekibiz ama aynı zamanda çok tutkulu ve güçlüyüz.


What would you say about today’s Spanish fashion?

I think Spanish Fashion is living a big moment. We are trying to create our own point of view and a new way of doing fashion. It is an amazing feeling that ManéMané is taking a big part in this journey.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being afashion house based in Madrid?

Madrid is my city. I know each corner, each craftsman, where to go, what to do and everything else… and the most important thing; people in Spain are so friendly and this definitely makes it easy to work together. I know Madrid is not the greatest power in fashion but it’s so exciting for me to be part of the movement that changes this.

What is a big NO for you among the current fashion trends?

I think this is not necessarily about trends. For me, a big NO about fashion is when you think that fashion is just about money or triviality. Fashion is a combination of ideas, messages, culture and obviously business.


You are going through a big change about your seasonal schedule and business model: what is this about?

Yes, I m trying to adapt ManéMané ́s nature and craft to how fast fashion is now. The most important change is that we are going to present the collection in a very accessible way and we aren’t planning on a runway show – I also cannot tell much yet. It is a surprise!

You are currently working on a new collection – What are the things that influence you the most during this process?

Cultural references and some touch of music and urban tribes. The next ManéMané girl will be a mix between Punk and Renaissance.


Your melted frame sunglasses became very popular worldwide. Did you expect this big interest?

Absolutely not, it was a big surprise for my team and me. We worked so hard with the sunglasses trying to have a very special design and high quality. We really appreciate the attention.

What is next for ManéMané?

The next step is that I want ManéMané to have a new, specific opinion, and statement, a manifest, a voice. We are working very hard on it.