What part of your job do you like the most?

To be able to see the character I dream of printed on a magazine I dream of… What motivates me the most at what I do is to create a new, visual world; that’s my favorite part of the job. Fashion is an industry that continually updates itself and provides customers with innovations. We contribute to this with different points of views and various visions.

What is the hardest part of the works you do in Istanbul regarding fashion?

There is a huge lack of showrooms in Istanbul, we still use products that we pick from stores… It’s 2017!

What pushes you to creativity the most? What are you inspired by?

The music I listen to, the movies I watch, the cities I travel and see, the communication between people; they are all factors. I can say that I get inspired by architecture the most.

Which photographers would you like to work with?

Helmut Newton, if he were alive. In my opinion he is the best photographer who reflected my favorite period, the 70’s, and my favourite top models.

What kind of observations do you have regarding Istanbul’s fashion scene?

Apart from my observation, I wish that while people are at the heart of fashion here, I wish they could stop living and breathing fashion and get fed by other things when trying to create their style…

If you had styled a movie, which one would you want it tobe?

Eyes Wide Shut.

What would motivate you when sets last until late hours?

For the job to go well and for us to get the result we want is enough for my motivation.

If you had to create an app for fashion, what purpose would it serve?

If it was possible, as a Madame Gres fan, I would like to make an app that talks about the archives of designers who made the most of their period by making it more beautiful, and who have become sources of inspiration for the likes of Yves Saint Laurent…