We don’t know who she is – her name, her age or how she looks. All we know is that she found a way to make us love the songs we used to ignore. She breathes new life into old Turkish pop and arabesque songs, and present them to a new community. It’s as if an old clothing is appreciated by someone who knows the value of vintage. She has recently released her own song “Bir Düşün.” Lin Pesto told us about her musical journey which began with a song she recorded in a stairwell.

How long have you been making music?

I started taking guitar lessons at the age of 14. I wanted to play Nirvana’s songs. After learning a few chords, I immediately started composing songs. I continued making music because it made me happy.

How did you decide to share your music with others?

While I was playing guitar at home in summer, I had to use the lyrics for “Dondurma Gibisin” because I had none. Then I recorded it on my phone in the stairwell because it had a good reverb. It turned out nice though there was a sound of the door opening and closing. Then, out of boredom, I prepared a video for it. I uploaded on YouTube thinking no one would listen. That’s how I met my dear Pesto.

How did you think of blending synth pop with Turkish pop, arabesque and fantasy music?

Synth pop wasn’t actually on my mind. I don’t make synth pop, I just use synth sounds because there is always a midi keyboard on my keyboard. I didn’t originally intend to make Turkish pop, arabesque or fantasy music. I recorded a song by Ebru Gündeş to try it out. Then my friend suggested I made “Yananı Görür Allah,” and I recorded that too. I liked it a lot and wanted to make more. No matter how ridiculous it is, recording is so much fun.

In an interview, you said you were a kid in the ‘90s. You covered some songs that were very well-known among your generation but not so much appreciated by them. Why are you interested in these songs?

Because I remember most of them. You learn them willingly or unwillingly. Also, I really enjoy the songs of the ‘90s and ‘00s.

How do you decide which songs to cover?

It depends. For instance, I want to record a song by Tarkan but it doesn’t fit. I cannot change any of his songs or add anything to them. There are some other songs similar to this. Some start playing in my head even before I start recording. They come so easily.

Do you follow the current production of singers whose songs you’ve covered?

I don’t because the music style I listen to has changed since my childhood.

Do you ever plan on going outside the online platforms? Are you going to have an album or give concerts?

I have no idea. I haven’t received any feedback. I actually do want to hear from them but I also don’t want it due to copyrights. Or better yet – they can learn about me but don’t talk about copyright.

I don’t think my identity has much to do with what I’m doing. I’m an ordinary person. I just record some things and share them with my online friends.

You also released your own song. Will there be more?

Yes. At least I plan on it now. I hope everything goes well and I continue to share my own songs.

What kind of feedback have you received? Was it as popular as the covers?

I care a lot about this. I don’t think people loved it as much as the covers. I try to ask everyone how they feel about it. Some say it’s very good, some say it’s very bad but they usually reply “It’s all right.” For instance, a few people told me that it wasn’t unique and resembled other songs. It does have similar chords, drums and repetitive piano notes because I’m trying to borrow the sound of a certain period, but the reality is that many of the songs also sounded similar back then. I want to record my other songs in the style of ‘60s USA. Not everyone has to like it but I’d love for them to enjoy it.

Is it more pleasant to compose a brand-new song than covering a song?

I think composing is the most pleasant one. You compose the music and write the lyrics, and the result is all yours. So, you feel happy for that as well. But I do enjoy making covers too. It’s enough for me to record, play and sing.

Do you ever plan on going outside the online platforms? Are you going to have an album or give concerts?

No, I don’t because I feel safer this way. I don’t know if I’ll have an album or give concerts. Time will tell. Now, I consider myself more like a YouTuber.

What is next for you – a new cover or a new composition?

I’m currently working on “Fırtınalar” by Ebru Gündeş. There is also another cover I once recorded but didn’t like. If it still doesn’t feel right, maybe I’ll release a new song. But I think it’ be better to share a cover.

The visual world you create are as impressive as the songs. Can you talk about how you make the videos?

It takes less time to prepare the videos than to record the songs, and it’s definitely more fun. I surf the Internet and find some videos. Some are weird and some are very emotional. It’s weird in itself to find the videos people once recorded but it becomes even stranger to watch these videos. That’s why I love it.

How did you decide to hide your identity?

I don’t think my identity has much to do with what I’m doing. I’m an ordinary person. I just record some things and share them with my online friends. I didn’t guess that it would come to this point so it seemed logical to create a new character. Then I saw it was more comfortable for Pesto to stay, and I think I’ll continue like this.