We met in La Fumoir in Paris. His appearance is striking, and yet he has a soft face, one that is gentle and kind. He admits that fashion is his main interest and one that he takes delight from. One week out of each month, Emmanuel Tomasini travels to the location of his factory in Abruzzi, Italy, to oversee every detail of Tomasini, a brand born from his passion for the design of the woman’s hand purse; what’s inside it, the secrets of a woman’s world… How this is answered depends on the purse itself.

Emmanuel is sincere in his approach to creating something that is timeless, chic and holds true to the details inherent in his pieces. But according to Emmanuel, we mustn’t use the word chic for anything and everything, “the definition of chic is an elegance that can be defined as simplicity.”

Tomasini is only a year old and it’s success has been a natural progression. Emmanuel, the former Global Communication Director for an important Italian accessories company, is half French and half Italian, having spent his adolescence in Toulouse.

It is rare to see a designer who is more interested in the idea of “la femme” and the objects that she places in her purse… He speaks almost as a poet interested in the purity of fashion. The art of designing a piece that holds the woman’s tastes and secrets. His inspiration is purely this and he rarely, if at all, takes his cue from the fashion world that encircles him. In fact, it may seem that he is rather disdainful of the fashion industry today, given the “change in its gravity and sincerity” and if he could name one designer that he feels strongly about, it is Anthony Vaccarello. Either way, Emmanuel still considers Paris the fashion capital.

His designs are a huge success and he honestly does not know why. He was not expecting this.

It’s much easier to play it safe. Always. Have you ever done the opposite, have you ever taken the chance to stand up and speak your mind, regardless of the consequences?

Maybe to often… I like to go very fast and I’m not patient at all so it happens many times with either good or the bad consequences. Now I try to take time to reflect… well I try.

Are you defined by your heart, instinct or your voice when it comes to Tomasini?

Without any doubts my instinct. With experience I can tell that I have a well-developed instinct. I feel things around me… and I have a very precise eye.

A good recipe needs fine products, and the right amount of salt – just to cheat. What ingredients do you need to perform at your greatest?

I need to feel good with myself and take time for myself, as I know exactly what I want. I try to get rid of the bad and negative things around me.

If fashion is your only passion, can there be no other passion in your life?

Of course, I love travelling. I had the chance to run around the world from East to West and North to South. As soon as I have free time, I travel, everywhere. I’m not scared at all and I’m very curious.

You also mentioned that, as a designer, Anthony Vaccarello is the most significant. Why is that?

Basically because I think he is very talented and I like his style very much. It’s very sharp.

What has many years in the fashion industry taught you the most, especially in regards to developing Tomasini?

Well, I’m a transversal person and I like to develop things and projects. To start from scratch… I can become bored very quickly so I like to have multiple activities from creation until the sales and see the life of a luxury product. At the end it was my motto to start my own brand.