What does it mean to “entertain” people?

To energise life! Who wouldn’t get recharged after a happy night?

How did you story with Babylon begin?

My introduction to Pozitif happened in 1998, at Fujifilm Music Week-Ends at Kasımpala Un Fabrikası. I was so excited about the idea of a job like this after attending their events for the first time and going backstage thanks to a friend. My friend told me they had bought a carpenter’s shop in Asmalımescit and they were working on making the place a live-music venue. That was a lock for me of course. Without wasting any time, we first talked in a friendly environment, then at their office. I told them that this was the job of my dreams, that I was ready to do whatever they wanted me to and that I could take on as much responsibility as they saw fit. I was desperate for the job and I got it. 

What changes is nightlife going through when you look back at when you first started working to even the future?

It’s sad of course that there are few places left to go out to compared to how it was in the beginning. Between 2007 and 2010, we used to meet a lot of tourists at bars and restaurants in Babylon, in Beyoğlu. We used to prepare pages of itineraries of Istanbul for friends coming from abroad. Dynamics change just like they do in any other city, however our’s was pretty strict. I think that this phase will trigger creativity and new places will open soon.

We all know about the concerts however could you tell us about a backstage moment that you’ll never forget?

If I’m backstage, that means I’ve had enough to drink so it’s better that I don’t talk about it!

A person who should take the Babylon stage while you’re still there?

Nowadays I’d like to watch Michael Kiwanuka.

How would you define being positive?

It first begins with being good to myself. My mind is healthy and dynamic because I work out and eat healthy. I can switch to coming up with solutions as oppose to getting lost in problems.

Best side of working at night?

İstanbul is really up and rolling on some nights, I love living that and being a part of it.

Worst side of working at night?

I haven’t seen a negative side, I can balance my work during day and night.