How did Custom Rebels begin?

I could say that it all started when my boyfriend Deniz bought a bike. I designed a jacket for him as a gift. That followed with requests from friends. Then we realized we began getting orders from people that we didn’t know and Deniz (Özgün), Cem (Cem Alex Uster) and I established Custom Rebels.

How does passion for motorbikes turn into a brand?

It’s the result of a job you love doing. Custom Rebels get’s it’s strength from being original and unique. This is very valuable for us. We believe that everyone is unique and “one and only.” That is why there is only one of each of our designs. Every piece is custom-made.


How is the production phase of custom-made designs?

The person comes to us knowing what they want roughly. In order to have additions that reflect who the person is, I try to get to know my customer a little better by having a conversation with them. Then I create the design and begin preparing the jacket. The customer does not have a say in the design process.

What would you say about your obsession with black?

All the other colors come into focus because of it.

What is your must-have after a leather jacket?


What would the design of a jacket for Based Istanbul look like?

I would have chosen the following sentence: “Good creative needs protection from the unknown.”


A leather jacket goes well with … Everything.

A leather jacket looks the best on… Someone who knows how to wear it.

What makes a leather jacket perfect is… The person wearing it.

… always looks great in their leather jacket. My boyfriend.