Dutch Design Week

NewsOctober 24, 2016
Dutch Design Week

One of the most prominent design events in Europe, Dutch Design Week starts in Eindhoven, The Netherlands in it’s 15th edition. Spread all around the city, the event gathers 2500 local and international designers for 9 days to show their latest projects.

With a theme “The making of”, this edition of Dutch Design Week focuses on the makers and the making process. In exploring this theme, the exhibitions reveal how and where the products and services we use everyday are made.

Emphasizing on the importance of making social commentary, The Director of Dutch Design Week, Martijn Paulen says, “We show that Dutch designers are critical and enterprising, make a lot themselves, but also tackle social issues. With ‘The making of’ we stimulate and appreciate both the investigative process and the end result.”

Author: Defne Çağlar