Founded in 2012 by Dora Teymur, who trained at the prestigious Cordwainer’s College in London, Dorateymur offers desirable statement shoes for women who seek a contemporary spin on classic designs. And who better to talk about his story than a very close friend of his, Joana Kohen…

Joana: We haven’t just met, I know that for the past 6 years, you’ve been putting in a lot of effort, going through a lot of highs and lows, researching many things whilst also using your spider senses to reach the level you are at now. Since your move to London, you’ve studied in one of the most prestigious schools there and established your brand whilst you were still a student. I remember that the other students in your class, along with your teachers, watched you with ad- miration and shock…

What was the notion of Dora Teymur between Gaziantep/Istanbul and London, and what did it become? Actually, how would we know what defines you and had you made a small presentation? I mean I know the answer, but we should fit this into one or two pages…

Dora: I have recently thought quite deeply about what it is I actually miss about the Gaziantep episode of my life. And the answer is: privacy. I had a very private life there. Each of my family members were ‘different’ from one another, so I think they preferred to be isolated from the majority of the rest.

It’s something I have been missing a lot. Isolation. It brings me back to myself. None of my family members are there now, but at least once a year, I try to go back there to get recharged. I am a true Anatolian and I must stay that way. I live in Hampstead in London which allows me to have slightly the same sort of private life; but it’s never the same, you know?

Joana: Your latest collection is called Arsuz, I remember you telling me about a few memories you had there; how you used to go there during summer time, how nice and beautiful the summer scene was, also how the people who were special for you took their vacation there at the same time with you etc. What kind of a notion is at hand to name your collection after it? How much does this name fit the collecti- on, or how can the relation between the feeling you get from Arsuz reflect on the designs?

Arsuz had a very misunderstood 70s modernist architecture with a nice colour palette; apricot, dusty pink and mainly eg- gshell. Those were good times for that town in the late 90s. I haven’t been there for a long, long time but I know it’s not the same anymore; this is very saddening. This collection is about a very blue summer, they are more summer shoes to combine with a chrome yellow anorak.
“It’s something I’ve been missing a lot. Isolation. It brings me back to myself.”

Joana: Okay, I also want to talk about the woman of Dorateymur, I know the way you communicate, and how much the relation between the woman who wear the shoes and this woman’s posture is important for you. How do the references of taste you imagine evolve in your life, who are these people, how do you create that image and how come your clients are able to carry this notion on their body and posture?

Dora: It’s a question I can answer in a few years, but not now. I just go with the flow. I still think I am not sure if I know her that well. I need some time with her. When some people get it, it’s such a big relief and a compliment.

Dora: Not much. The time is different now and the customer’s voice is louder than the designer. We are always forced to think about the market; what sells best, what doesn’t. That makes things complicated. But I think it’s a good thing at the same time. Now more people have their own voices and they usually know what they want.

Son 5 koleksiyonunda Rock’n Roll içeriği çok ağır basıyor, bu referansı her denli hissedebiliyoruz, tabii ki geçmişten gelme ve bununla büyüme sürecimizi de sayarsak gelinen noktalardan biri bu duruşa işaret ediyor. Sence Rock’n Roll ve Dorateymur kadını nasıl bir bileşken? Müziğin hayatında ve yaratıcı alanındaki sorgulaması nasıl bir ürün ortaya çıkarıyor? Dora Teymur kadını bunu nasıl ortaya koyuyor?

The last 5 collections you made are dominated by a Rock’n Roll concept, we constantly feel the reference to it, of course if we consider our past and growth process, the point you arrived at today indicates to this statement. What do you think of the composition of Rock’n Roll and the woman of Dorateymur? What kind of product is composed from the questioning of music in your life and design? How does the woman of Dora Teymur embody this?

Dora: I believe Rock’n Roll is not an obvious element in my work but it is still a very important one for me. It’s great that you first got that element. It’s super important for my shoes to be cemented with its owner’s style and lifestyle. I cannot live without music. I always need a soundtrack for every moment. I think it’s the same for her. She has a great music knowledge and It’s so much better than mine.