Doğa Bursalı, Model

PeopleMay 1, 2017
Doğa Bursalı, Model
A reality we don’t know about models?

I eat fast food :)

Do you have a routine before photography shoots?

I apply facial care that rests my skin on the night before. I start my day early with a full and energizing breakfast.

An advice for someone who wants to become a Model?

It requires serious ambition and patience.

A model you admire?

Anja Rubik.

An application you would never give up using?


Your current screensaver?

A photograph of Gölge (my cat).

Your morning routine…

10.00 am Wake up.

10.15 am I open the curtains and windows, air out the house.

10.30 am I feed my cats.

11.00 am I watch a tv series while I have breakfast.

11.45 am I have coffee in the balcony and look around.

12.00 pm I go over my daily schedule and prepare my bag accordingly.

12.15 pm Preparing for the day (personal care, make-up, etc.)

12.50 pm I tidy everything up and leave the house.

Author: Based Istanbul