We’ve always been a publication that believes in the humour behind a friendly competition. We’d find it dumb if anyone were to say that they had no competition. However this post is not about a contest. It’s more about magazines that we admire, that we look up to, that one day we have dreams of having our magazine mentioned along with (although context wise, it would be weird to see Based Istanbul next to Vestoj or McSweeney’s), and that have become our favourite picks to covet all around the world. Shhh, it’s reading time.

A Magazine Curated By… –  to feel like you have a new mentor each year.

Acne Paper – to read, to write, to learn, to know, to be in.

Marfa Journal – because fashion is not supposed to be boring.

Obscura – because some publications, you literally can’t put down.

The Gentlewoman – because things are classic for a reason.

LOVE, Purple Fashion & Pop Magazines –  because inspiration ain’t easy to find…

Marfa Journal
Acne Paper
A Magazine Curated by Mood Board