Produced by Zorlu PSM and creative producer Based Istanbul, Dijital Stage is a project that interprets cult classic theatre works through a contemporary lens and brings them together with the audience. This week’s sequence, “Antigone” is available on the Zorlu PSM Youtube channel on January 28th at 8 Pm.  

This week’s Digital Stage features one of the ancients Greek theatre’s biggest writers Sophocles’ play “Antigone” which is still relevant today.  With the adaptation of the director İbrahim Çiçek who is one of the bravest people of the theatre world, Digital Stage combines sequences of the theater’s cult works with visual storytelling, bringing them to the digital world and providing a modern interpretation of classic works. Antigone, which will be staged this week, stars Songül Öden and Güven Murat Akpınar.

Kreon represents the state and the system, while Antigone represents the necessary, human, and universal laws. There is a beautiful question where they intersect; “Which law is it?” Who’s law?” The part of the play we worked on was the most beautiful and the most feminine.

Songül Öden

Conveying the divine laws and the sense of responsibility towards the family as an impressive drama, Sophocles’ “Antigone” is presenting the audience with a brand new meaning within the scope of the Digital Stage.

At the point where the responsibilities imposed on us by the family coincide with one’s own beliefs, Antigone is forced to take the punishment for following her own truth. This timeless work, in which the laws of the state and family obligations are entangled and the frameworks of respect become increasingly subjective, forces us to self-reflect and question why our priorities have become priorities. 

While Songül Öden asks the questions posed by the intersection of Antigone’s humanity and the dictated laws represented by Kreon, Güven Murat Akpınar mentions the importance of presenting Antigone digitally and being remembered for the right sentences.

I think it’s valuable because everything is a mess right now, no one knows if there will be a theater or if they will be able to go to the movies, but the digital world that brings them all together is now very important. It’s also important because of the circumstances. It feels so good to be able to use it in this way, to be able to meet in this way, and to be able to make people remember Antigone and its ancient but also extremely relevant and right ideas.

Güven Murat Akpınar 

Portraying a young woman who is following her own truth without drowning in a sea of collided ideas of conscience and imposed responsibility, “Antigone” offers the audience a fresh viewing experience by being reinvented with different staging.

This week’s sequence, “Antigone” is available on the Zorlu PSM Youtube channel on January 28st at 8 Pm.

Written by Sophocles

Adapted/Directed by: İbrahim Çiçek 

Videographer: Gizem Kızıl

Producer: Duygu Bayram, Zorlu Psm 

Creative Producer: Duygu Bengi, Based Istanbul

Executive Producer: Miray Kaya

Scenography – Stage and Costume Design: Ceyda Balaban    

Costume Design: Burak Sanuk  

Music: Ömer Sarıgedik

Photography: Burcu Karademir   

Light: Ibrahim Çiçek

Light Application: Serkan Deliktaş, Kerem Duran, Orhan Karayaka

Project Manager: Levent Dokuzer 

Project Coordinator: Gözde Tekay 

Video Production: Metehan Oz

Poster Design: Ecem Tungaz 

Assistant Director: Helin Irmak Demirel 

Production Assistants: Eylül Yankın, Sıla Demiral

Hair: Makas 

Makeup: Mac

Stage Manager: Emre Gökmenoğlu 

Sound: Fatih Yücelli, Sergen Şimşek 

Cinematography: Can Tengiz, Behçet Mert Erbirer  

Post Production: Zeynep Torun

Post Production Assistant: Dilşah Niğdeli

Camera Assistants: Mehmet Emin Yücel, Murat Çağlayan

Sound Mix: Serhat Soyaltın, North Istanbul, Serkan Aykut Kargacı, Zorlu PSM

Creative Agency: BI Creative

Güven Murat Costume: Dress Best Uniforms X Ceyda Balaban, Vans 

Songül Öden Costume: Özgür Masur