Dear Shakespeare

LifestyleJanuary 30, 2017
Dear Shakespeare

Dear Shakespeare,

You know how dramatic love was back in your days? Romeo and Juliet dying over a stupid misunderstanding, the Fairy Queen falling for a donkey-man which caused her to go mad, and Beatrice & Benedick’s “merry war”… Well, that was nothing.

Now, women and men are continuously faced with the feelings of competition, comparison, inadequacy and dishonesty. While you had actions to question; we have pictures, comments, looks, lyrics, words and gossip. Your delicate words are replaced with straight forward ones such as “Main b*tch out of your league too ah / Side b*tch out of your league too ah” or, modern poetry, as we like to call it. (No disrespect to Abel, we’ll love him even if he were to rhyme with sh*t, which he probably has done already.)

While romance was measured with how quick one took a deathly valium to die after their loved one, we get butterflies when someone remembers to make way for those coming out of the metro, or when someone follows up on your condition when you get sick.

We don’t think we’re being too cynical; we still have close friends who can’t keep their hands or eyes off of one another (that’s a new saying) even though they’ve been together for years. We still hear love stories of couples getting married after getting a divorce few decades ago. We still believe unrequited messages / letters / phone calls will get a response in the end. I guess love, just like everything else, is modernized.

The good part of all of this is, the universe has created a beautiful reality where it forcefully teaches self-love in the most mysterious way possible.

Peace & Love

P.S: Happy Valentines. Not just for those with a significant other; also for those who are told that they are not “allowed” to love, those who feel helpless, those who have been listening to the same album over and over again, trying to find new meanings out of the same lyrics, those who are getting ready for a long distance relationship, those who don’t have too much time for one another yet continue cherishing each other, those who are getting divorced, those who are happily single, those who are searching for someone, those who have been in a relationship without uttering or even feeling the word “bored” and finally, for those who don’t know what on earth is going on.

Author: Alara Kap