Dear Santa,

We’ve recently read a joke somewhere, it goes like this;

*History class in 2100…

Teacher: Alright kids, that was 2015, now moving on to 2017…

Student: What about 2016?

Teacher: We don’t talk about 2016…

and frankly, some [most] of us agree.

So how do we change this up for 2017? Our wishes [and demands] are as follows;

Maybe this year, you focus less on eating cookies and drinking milk after coming down from chimneys, and more on actually reading what is written on the notes that are left for you. You didn’t really understand what many of us asked for.

Maybe this year, your gift is not the latest G.I. Joe, but it’s something that will keep us smiling for at least a month. I mean come on, the excitement of those toys don’t even last until New Years Eve.

Maybe this year, we get no explosions. [You might have confused confetti explosions and glitter explosions and love explosions with something else. No one meant it like that.]

Maybe this year is the year that we want to read about in books, history classes, diaries, even on Instagram, because it’s too damn good. Think about it.

Maybe this year, you focus on an older age group, say 25-35 for a change.

And one more thing; 2016 might have detracted some people from us, but we’d like to hold on to those who put a smile on our faces. Please.