The designer catches everyone’s attention with her brand “Kloto,” born of an inspiration from the universe’s astonishing balance and order. Kloto is the goddess of the cycle of life in Greek mythology. Inspired by geometry, art and Sufism in her designs, she gives life to a new type of jewelry-making with her minimal designs.

Inside a tiny atom
an electron circles the nucleus.
Meanwhile, Moon circles the Earth,
Earth circles the Sun,
And the Sun draws giant circles
in the vortex of the Milky Way
with her planets.

How did you become interested in art and design?

I’ve been interested in art since a very young age. I still have the firs toil painting I made at eight. During high school, I would spend my summer holiday practicing at workshops. I worked as an intern for the first time with Sevan Bıçakçı. This bond strengthened with the realm of magical accessories. Then I moved to Rhode Island School of Design in the U.S. to study art and design and graduated from Industrial Design.

How was the creation process of your brand?

I grew up in a family who’s been in the jewelry-making industry rooted in the Grand Bazaar culture for many years. So, I’ve always been inclined towards accessory design. At first, it began like a few rings with mechanisms. I enjoyed it a lot and it led to a new brand. Kloto was born of a combination between our family profession’s tradition and experience and an industrial design perspective.

What has happened before and after you started your brand?

I improve myself with every collection. The more you design accessories, the more you start caring about the person who will wear it. I used to focus on creating a design object when making something new. Now, I shifted my focus to more comfortable design objects.

Can you describe the Kloto woman?

Brave with a vision of design, a personal style. A woman who knows being stylish is not about extravaganza but simplicity. A woman embedded in life who combines the strong aspects of a masculine style and the elegance of a feminine style.

What does continuity mean for you and Kloto?

While designing, I aim to create simple and timeless pieces. With Kloto, I set out with the dream of founding a sustainable and successful brand. Therefore, I care a lot about quality and consistency.

Which aspect of making jewelry for people you like the most?

Jewelry is a design that you wear so it’s very personal and special. The design process is very enjoyable but what really makes me happy is to see someone wear a piece I meticulously created.

Your latest collection focuses on molecular bonds. Why are you so impressed by this subject matter?

I find the perfection hidden in this world quite astonishing. Atoms bind together and create molecules which in turn create the universe and us. A series of incredible rules operate like clockwork. The MOD collection, which follows the previous one that focused on atoms, tells the rest of the story with an inspiration of molecular bonds.

The concept of your brand is the mesmerizing order, balance and endless cycle of the universe. What has inspired you about this?

I’m interested in the universe and existence. I enjoy digging through spiritual, scientific and philosophical things. Many civilizations created magnificent artworks, sketches, mosaics and even dance rituals while trying to explain the biggest questions of history in different ways. Similarly, my designs reflect my admiration for the universe.

How has the fact that you’ve been to many countries in your career changed your perspective about design?

During college summer breaks and in later years, I had the chance to work at prominent furniture and architecture design offices such as Lee Broom and Marcel Wanders in London, New York and Amsterdam. I was especially interested by the Dutch and Scandinavian understanding of design. They are very meticulous about everything from design story to form and material. It was a mind-broadening experience. It gave me perspective to work in jewelry-making after international experiences in furniture design.

How do you create your collections?

I set out with a main idea and start doing research. I put what I have in mind on paper through abstract drawings. Then I start shaping the designs by welding silver on the counter. Lastly, I do 3-D drawings of the prototypes on the computer and make molds with CNC – a blend of craftsmanship and technology.

What should we expect from your brand in the future?

Designing accessories is a pleasant experience for me and it’s a continuation of a family tradition but, in the future, I’d like to create object and furniture collections in addition to accessories.