Feel different, act natural and change everything… Nike’s extraordinary organization to encourage women to do sports set many women in motion all around the world.

Participants of “NikeWomen Victory Tour” run that will be joining to run as groups in Caddebostan in June 5. One of NikeWomen Victory Tour’s features is to offer an experience to run as groups for the first time. Within its scope, participants will be able to form their own groups and also be part of a former group.

NikeWomen Victory Tour Istanbul 2016 invites participants to its unique preparation program for the race as well as 5K and 10K runs. All sports fans will have the chance to join various events as they increase their performance from nike.com/istanbul where they can follow the 4 week Nike NRC preparation races and NTC workouts. Admission-free preparation workouts of “NikeWomen Victory Tour” women’s run takes place with the leadership of Nike’s expert trainer and running coaches.

So are you ready to find your ryhthm?
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