An unshakable world star with seven albums and innumerable collaborations! Revisiting Istanbul with a magical stage show after 11 years, Shakira is truly a world star! Having released her first album at the age of 14 and given her first performance at 20, her success has become a proof that she unrivaled.

We’re trying to calm ourselves and learn more about Shakire before her concert at Vodafone Park as part of her El Dorado world tour.

Known for her lively performances, Shakira prepares a light show integrated with cardio moves and LED screens for her world tour repertoire.

Shakira’s set-list is pretty crowded! In addition to her greatest hits, she will also sing popular songs from her latest album in 2017 such as Chantaje, La Bicicleta and Déjà Vu.

Everyone knows about Shakira’s achievements. Her latest album has reached number one on iTunes in 37 countries and became a huge success

.As part of El Dorado, she has visited Europe, Africa and Asia. She started the tour in Germany and will finish it in Barcelona.

Our favorite is Chantage, which became the most watched music video in the history of Latin music.

The necklace designed by the singer’s tour company was likened to Nazi symbols by her fans and was ceased for sale.