Setting off on a journey to leave his fingerprint on earth, Selman Hoşgör meets the world of illustration at the age of 22. Since then, the colorful world of drawing has been his passion. Stating that he began his adventure with research and observation and that practice makes us perfect, Selman advocates seeing life through visuals instead of words. “Color and shapes express what I feel and want to say. I still feel the same passion I felt the first time; it even multiplies when I do new things.” In 2015, he went to London to study in order to find a direction for his passion. He’s already left his mark on the creative world in London. As a designer, being authentic means leaving a trace on the world. “Wherever it is in the world, if someone says ‘Yes, it’s Selman’ when they see my lines or colors, this is freedom itself. What I see, read and experience feeds this ‘fingertip’ and makes it stand out. This is an endless path for us creatives.” As Selman creates new stories in his journey to leave a trace in our lives, we get the chance to know him and his colorful world better.

What is creating for Selman Hoşgör?
What excites you these days?
Where do you see yourself in the future?
Imagination or reality?