Home to millions of artworks and artists that fill its streets, homes and offices throughout history, Istanbul is the undeniable hub of creativity. Melih Çebi is a designer who succeeded in taking an original perspective to this traffic-laden city and reflecting this view in his art. As almost all newly-graduate designers who want to clutch onto life, his journey begins at advertisement agencies. By earning experience over time, he leaves the agencies and seeks to follow his own path. He accompanies us as we set out to explore his colorful world which refers to the saying “Art cannot be tamed.”

His dark side hidden in the lovely-looking textures and bright colors turns into his signature. While his account @kithandkid on Instagram, one of the most popular mediums of our time, talks about the old residents of the city, we cannot wait to get to know Melih better!

What does Istanbul mean for you?

How would your dreams look if they turned into art?

Your perspective on today’s art?

Can you tell us a bit about your daily life?

How do you interpret the relationships between people?