The fact that we have published Mert’s first editorial strengthens our bond. We can’t wait to get lost in the depths of his story as we follow his impressive rising! Mert, who was introduced to photography when his father slipped him a disposable camera when he was 5-6 years old, photographed a green-headed duck for the first time with his camera. And once this passion enters into your blood, it is unlikely that you will be able to leave it behind. Of course, turning photography into a profession has never been as easy as it was thought to be.”I enjoy completing tasks step by step. During my 5 years of residency, I had bumpy periods both at home and abroad.No matter how much you sink in to the bottom, if you have a target in the future, you are doing everything you can to reach it. I need to keep the people who support me in a separate place. They made my job a little easier. Was it difficult? Yes. I hope this difficulty will always be. ”

Defining the most exciting aspect of fashion photography as “the work you do when you have to improvise is much better than the mood board.”, Mert is one of the rare people who can preserve their authentic photography language. To what extent does a photographer having a language of his/her own effects his/her ability to take briefs? Although we are faced with many different examples, we are in a sectoral balance.But when it comes to Mert, we find it difficult to formulate sentences that suit this balance. “In order to ensure continuity in fashion photography in Turkey, it is necessary to remain loyal to the briefs. It’s not the style of photography that comes to the fore but what is asked for. Other than that, it is very difficult to impose a discipline. Because of the lack of value given to creative people in our country is at a high level. Contrary to this, I have insisted on reflecting my style from the very beginning. As a result, I reached the point where I am requested for the photos that reflects my feelings.

While he describes his current mental state as “I’m in a period of finding myself and renewing myself”, Mert focuses on new projects and ideas in pursuit of things that excite him and to bring his personal works to the masses under the name of “art”. We, on the other hand, continue to collect clues in his frames.

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