Clemence Dru

FashionFebruary 1, 2016
Clemence Dru

Clémence Dru is one half of the French label Côme-Editions, with her brother, Matthieu Dru being the second half. Together they are moving forward to create pieces inspired by travel and the new notion of bespoke + fashion with a conciseness.

Côme SS16 & Dakar, Senegal…. Why Senegal?

A part of our family used to live in Gorée, an island in front of Dakar, (they also created the super cool Parisian concept store around African arts and crafts called CSAO) so we have been there quite a lot during our childhood.

Gorée Island is such a beautiful and magical place, very inspiring through its colours, its culture, its architecture… it was a dream to shoot a part of our SS16 collection there.

My parents help an association based in Dakar called La Maison Rose, which rescue mother and children living in the streets. We decided to collaborate with them to embroider some of our jackets for next summer.

A memory from Senegal?

Gorée is such a small island, everybody knows each other, and everybody trusts each other…

When my brother and I were very little, we felt like the kings of the world as soon as we arrived in Gorée… We used to run everywhere, to dance bare foot in the night, to play at the children of the village’s houses… We were completely independent – with no grown up to watch us… For me it was complete freedom.

Can you tell us about the beginning, after you finished Lycee?

After I finished Lycee, I decided to do a foundation degree in Kingston’s University (near London) where I discovered fashion design. I had always been passionate by fashion but didn’t really think it could become a real job…

John Galliano was inspired by strong women such as Mata Hari & Marchesa Casati…….what inspires you to design most?

People, places… I am very inspired by people around me. My parents, my brothers & sisters have all followed artistic paths… I have been raised in a creative and open-minded environment and I often realize that my creations reflect some part of by background. Otherwise I love Japanese culture, and I am frequently told we can feel the inspiration under the architectural and uncluttered spirit of our clothes.

Côme bespoke pieces and personalized pieces. I saw your latest piece on Caroline de Maigret. How do you see fashion today? Will Côme do more bespoke pieces in the future?

Today, the offer is so wide on the fashion market that I strongly believe we need to add a value to the clothes we make. I love the idea of personalizing an object, to make it rare and unique. If the first edition we make with the jackets embroidered by women in Senegal works, we certainly will continue on this path…

Where do you make your clothes? Can you tell us about the process, from the first drawing to design to the manufacturer?

Until now, we made everything in Paris. It is very important to us to always a keep a part of the production here, as we are working with fantastic people. However, some pieces of the SS16 season will be made in Portugal, as we need to produce more quantities to be sold Internationally. I start by a very general story / idea Create a related mood board Draw the style & designs Create the volumes with a model maker Realize a prototype Organize a photo shoot telling a story Start the productions

One Paris boutique you can recommend for vintage?

Kiliwatch rue Étienne Marcel

One Paris bar?

Ferdi rue du Mont Habor – which is also a restaurant – for its mojitos!

Your most precious travel find?

A green silk bomber jacket with embroideries all over – bought in Tokyo 5 years ago.

The pieces you travel with?

I always have a Côme wrap dress in my suitcase, as it is definitely the easiest piece to wear – at day or night, for a casual or elegant style.

Have you been to Istanbul?

Yes and I loved it so much Can’t wait to go back..

The once essential piece in your closet?

My jeans…

Author: Tabitha Karp