Claire Most

PeopleApril 1, 2016
Claire Most

We are starting to see Claire Most all over young Paris fashion brands – and we were to discover that Claire works in finance… Along with this occupation, Most also works for Cyclone Magazine; so naturally, we were curious.

What do you do at Cyclone Magazine. How did it all start?

I am a web redactor. I write articles about men and women’s wear. I met the Cyclones at a Nike event, I knew the editor in chief and they told me they wanted to add a feminine touch to the website.

And what was your first job?

I am 24, so my first job is the one I have right now: a financial controller. I have a degree in finance and I think my job at Cyclones Magazine balances my life. I have a job that is kind of strict with figures and I think writing articles helps me to develop my creative side.

So you work two jobs! Did you always want to work in fashion? Have you always had this creative side?

Actually no, when I was younger I wanted to become a lawyer (I think I’ve watched too many episodes of Ally McBeal with my mom!). However I think I always had this creative side but in different ways. I used to have drawing lessons, classic dance lessons, pottery classes.

You are modeling/collaborating with a lot of French brands. How did this all come about? Chateaux Rouge, Come Editions… How did you meet these guys?

For Chateau Rouge, Youssouf (the founder) and I used to follow each other on Instagram. We met at an event and he ask me if I wanted to model. Come Edition found my profile on Instagram and they sent me an email. I guess most of the collaborations/modeling stuff are coming from my Instagram feed.

Are you in Paris now? Where are you from? And what is Paris to you?

Yes I live in Paris, I grew up here. My dad is from Algeria and my mom comes from Martinique. Paris is home.

Have you ever been to Algeria and Martinique? 

Yes, my little sister and I used to go there every year during the summer holidays. I just love the fact that my parents showed us their cultures.

So when you go out in Paris, where do you hang out the most when meeting up with friends, or just walking the streets?

It really depends my friends and I just love food! So we try to go to different restaurants, try new stuff. I also walk the streets, some of my friends just love walking in Paris -I have to admit that I prefer taking the metro and grabbing a hot chocolate in winter! However during the summer, it is always nice to walk and discover small streets in Paris.

I was speaking with a Parisian stylist, whom I will not name, the other day and we were talking about how we missed the 90s era of magazines and fashion and its originality. What would you say to this?

I completely agree with you. I feel like the 90s vibes are coming back, you can see it on Instagram, Tumblr and all the different platforms. I also noticed that I changed my style, I tend to buy more and more mom jeans and crop tops which were very popular back then.

So in that respect who is influencing you at the moment?
I don’t have one person in particular, I just go on Tumblr and watch out for pictures that are going to influence me.

And can you tell us the one boutique in Paris that you frequent the most?
Oh I don’t really know because I go to Zara, Uniqlo, Cos and a lot of other boutiques – every time I go shopping. But if I had to choose I would say Zara. (Not really “unique” but there is a large collection.)

So what are your plans for the rest of the year? Are you going to go deeper into fashion, or will you stick with finance?

I guess I’m gonna finish my contract (it is a limited time contract) first. I will take some time for myself, maybe go deeper into fashion and then go back to finance while still working in the fashion or cosmetics industry.

Author: Tabitha Karp