Çizgilerin Arkasındaki Hikayeler

UnframedJanuary 31, 2017
Çizgilerin Arkasındaki Hikayeler

Are those of you who are familiar with Şeyma’s editorial shoots ready to discover a new side of her? Are those who don’t know her ready to meet the women behind her lines? If you’re questioning which passion of her’s stands out, fashion or painting, Şeyma’s answer is pretty clear: “I don’t know how production would occur if there were no intersection between disciplines. They equally feed off of one another. The job we do requires visual and ergonomic needs. Observation, imagery, anatomy, color, form… Can we think of a painting or editorial that doesn’t encompass these?” Her inspiration varies from the progress in socio-culture to economy, historical characters to architecture, an art piece to psychology… Hence is hidden in life itself. Nowadays, she talks about her excitement on the Carmen Herrera documentary she’s seen recently: “Other than the fact that Carmen Herrera is the oldest post-minimalist female artist in my eyes, her attitude while existing inspires me.” When I ask her about the iconic names for her comprehension regarding art, she names “Elsa Schiparelli, Jodorovski, Lacan, Madame Gres, Sartre, Lynch and Monk,” and adds “I like that they cause different vibrations in my brain.” Now it’s time to get lost in the stories behind Şeyma’s lines.

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How is the world portrayed when in love?

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Author: Based Istanbul