Blending pastel tones and dynamic compositions in a postmodernist style, Antre expresses his aggressive approach with a hint of criticism. Regarding details, fantasies and vision as ways of self-expression after studying photography, Antre Sezgin summarizes himself with the hashtags #chill #chill #WOW #chill #chill. “I’ve been closely following Igor Dewe and Arca’s works but the inspiration comes from whatever you’re open to or filled with. The most exciting thing for me about the creative process is to find no results when I search the images, writings and mottos I think of.” Stating that surrendering to be enamored by things you don’t like and maximizing your senses and perceptions are very useful when you try to find things you like, Antre wishes to focus on 3D, video art, and color theory. We have a conversation with Antre, in whose works we explore the concepts of Neo-Emo and Gay-Metal in the details, about a new sharing of aesthetics.

What does Antra Sexual mean?
How would you compare the nightlife in Berlin to that of Istanbul?
When does a style go out of fashion?
What is seriousness?
Best way to communicate?
The thing you like the least about humanity?