Rock’n Roll took the control of music sector in the middle of 50’s, and it was like the kind of harmonization of lots of music genres as; R&B, Soul, Blues, Jazz, Harmony, Gospel and Country. While African-Americans were leading the music sector during that era, Rock’n Roll appealed to all human beings and achieved to gather all races.

As Rock’n Roll handles the emotions of teenagers ‘love’ was the prominent theme, and it based on dancing and laughing. This music genre became parents’ nightmares since it was born, as it represents the careless and independent ideas. And there was the role model of the era as starring actor; Elvis Presley… He made an impression with his style as much as his music, and the way he was directing the fashion with his wide-shouldered jackets, loose, lightweight slacks and ducktail hair style was outstanding. Parentally approved preppy look gave is place to Rock’n Roll style. For men style, chino pants, ironed down-button shirts, sport jackets and short hairs were out, tight-fitting blue jeans, t-shirts, leather jackets and greased long hair were in!

In time, as the habits of society change a different style journey begins. And the way that preppy style evolved into Rock’n Roll in 50’s, supports this argument as being an example that proves the effect of music on fashion and trends.