Imagine the next step!

LifestyleMarch 7, 2017
Imagine the next step!

As artificial intelligence technology advanced, we found ourselves asking questions like “Will machines replace us?” While some follow the proceeds of this age with enthusiasm for it’s promises of the future, others believe that this transformation will debilitate the meaning of being human even further and look back to the past with nostalgia. As for us, we look at from the light of hope and ask, how will the possibilities of what the digital age brings facilitate our lives? How can we embrace this transformation?

Although it’s inevitable to think that the computers that can make decisions in an advanced manner with today’s technology will become more efficient and smart than humans, we face the fact that in order to embrace the transformation we are in, we must go through an educational process both as individuals and as a society. When we look around us, can’t we say that this education is life itself? Through the transparency brought by this age, the transformation that is evident in all aspects of our lives, from the clothes we wear to the services we use, has a big impact on us in terms of pushing ourselves to rethink and innovate. Such changes we see in our daily lives surely effect the relationship between different disciplines and us, and makes way for new dynamics.

For the first time in Turkey, the worldfamous Sonar Festival will take place in Zorlu Performing Arts Center on March 24-26 in collaboration with Charmenko. Besides performances from artists of the electronic music world, the festival will also host Sonar +D talks and A/V performances, which combine creativity, technology and business, discussing the dynamics of this age in various manners.

The Founder of Charmenko, Nick Hobbs is of those like us who have hope for the future. Trusting his success in his company that deals with the music industry in fields like music events and artist representation, we asked Hobbs on the meaning of being an entrepreneur in the Digital Age. “I think being an entrepreneur means having a vision, some kind of vision, and having the courage to do everything you can to realise that vision. Maybe you’ll succeed, maybe you’ll fail, but in the process you’ll learn a lot, and if you don’t try, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.” and adds the benefits of technology, “Being in the digital age doesn’t change this principle but does change some of the means possible for realising it, aAs well of course as making possible envisioning some ideas which previously were only in the realm of science fiction.”

Having worked with many sound artists over the years, Hobbs says. “Part of the role of an artist is to engage creatively with the technological possibilities of the time.” He says, “Each time, especially in fast-moving times, opens up technological options which previously didn’t exist,” emphasizing on the creation of new worlds in which artists can feed on.

As for Refik Anadol, who has many successes in the international realm of new media art, he believes that his interest in the digital age had a big impact on the evolution of his art: “My desire to closely study our weird acquaintanceship period in the age of technology as human beings have played a part in reaching this point [in my art].”

Highlighting that technology makes possible for dreams to be realized, Anadol says “Limits have decreased.” Also mentioning the meaning and joy of existing in public spaces as different disciplines come together, he says “Public space is the most powerful artistic discourse to create a really permanent and strong discourse on the world and humanity. Because it’s simple, free and it’s exactly where we live,” adding that the audience is ready for this.

As for Zorlu Holding, they are ones who live this transformation, ones who make an effort in keeping it alive… They take the future and the new world order that is generated as their focus. They are searching for answers for how the growing digitilisation, in other words our world that consists of ones and zeroes, will effect us and our evolution. This search that asks how the concepts like innovation, technology and interactivity that it shelters will have an impact on business, arts, fashion and even so our inner worlds, makes way for new developments. The Digi.logue panel series, in which the first one took place last year in collaboration with Zorlu Performing Arts Center and Zorlu Holding, expands it’s journey, which started with a one-day event. It turns into a platform that aims to present a strong content that is accesible and meaningful for the masses under the digital transformation, and is supported by online and offline events. The platform, which generates it’s content to help understand the leading names in their fields, is being supported by it’s sponsorship in Sonar and Sonar +D. The first event of the platform starts on March 9 with the Audint exhibition. Since 8 years, Audint has been exploring the effect of concepts like existence-non existence, entertainment-punishment, life-death has on us, through our senses. The exhibition that engages the 5 senses at once, provides an experience space, which includes sound recordings, computer software, art installation, performances, books and movies. It is also the first event to take place at the new gallery space inside PSM.

Author: Defne Çağlar