Between Here and There – Delaney Allen

UnframedMarch 6, 2017
Between Here and There – Delaney Allen

Sometimes images help immensely when words aren’t enough. We express ourselves through things we can’t say by showing them, portray things we are unable to explain. However communication is sometimes stronger when the two meet half way. Here, you’ll be witnessing a break-up story; through letters, images, feelings…

“The idea for the series formed as I was in my final two months before finishing graduate school. The breakup had occurred in March of that year and my thesis work was to be presented in May. A month after the split, I had begun to rework my thesis project with all of my images pinned to my studio wall. At that same time, I was looking back through all of my emails trying to see if I had missed signs of the relationship falling apart. I decided to print the emails from the previous 12 months and possibly use those to create a written book documenting the breakup. As those were bound and sitting in my studio I began to see a correlation with the writing and pinned, wall images I had shot over an eight-month span. The project came together rather quickly with the edit occurring over one night. I used both the image and emails in a way to play off one another allowing for them to have a conversation that illustrated everything I had been feeling as the feelings for someone shifted over time.”

Author: Based Istanbul