Meet Betina!

If you have the word “creativity” integrated to your work, it’s inevitable that you find yourself immersed in a visual tune. Finding an image that generates an emotional connection amongst visuals that you are forced to see daily is increasingly harder. Just as I was feeling this way, I came across an image by Betine du Toit. It was the epitome of modern, striking, young, unwavering, which is what is expected from fashion photography – with an originality and uniqueness… With the case at hand, I went on a journey within Betina’s photography, coming up with questions while I lost track of time.

Betina talks about how she began taking pictures with a pocket camera that she won at a contest when she was 7, and how she never looked back once she gotinto the beauty of this art. She points to the land where she has grown when it comes to her frames that are reminiscent of fairytales in nature, saying “Maybe my laidback small-town upbringing in-between the mountains of Cape Town have got something to do with that.” She sees her images I can depict using words such as soft, epic, and romantic as a way of creating her own ideal world.

“Reality and fantasy are intertwined in our daily lives – and fashion often is an idealistic meeting place of those two worlds.“ says Betina, which is probably why she calls the high-paced fashion photography business “addictive.” Stating that social media created a new approach to photography, Betina’s first choice as an object is the “unrestrainable youth.” She believes that there is so much to look in to in that area.

“If I were to capture one abstract emotion, it would it be regret,” she says.


Now let’s get into her images that speak more than words…