Beşiktaş JK x Les Benjamins

FashionJanuary 9, 2018
Beşiktaş JK x Les Benjamins

Beşiktaş JK x Les Benjamins capsule collection is the first example that brings together a sports club and a streetwear brand! In this capsule collection!

Les Benjamins’ Founder and Creative Director Bünyamin Aydın blends the club’s logo inspired by the club’s archive and the Mogul-style patterns from the brand’s 2017-18 Fall/Winter collection, creating hybrid designs that feature a wide selection of fabrics from cotton to velvet in colors such as black, white and burgundy. Beşiktaş JK President Fikret Orman comments on this collaboration by saying, “As a sports club which prioritizes in breaking new ground, we believe that this collaboration with Les Benjamins, a world-renowned Turkish brand, will bring a breath of fresh air to both sports and fashion.”

Author: Serra Duran