Ayşe & Ece Ege of Dice Kayek

FashionOctober 5, 2016
Ayşe & Ece Ege of Dice Kayek

Modanın yorucu temposu tasarımcılara kaydı bile. Geçen sene duyduğumuz isimler çoktan tarihin tozlu sayfalarına dahil olmuş olabiliyor. Bir de klasikler var… Dice Kayek ismi, dünya çapında hak ettiği tanınırlığı seneler önce kazandı ve Ayşe ve Ece Ege’yi durdurmak mümkün değil. Koleksiyonlarından alınan bir parça hemencecik dolapların “dokunmak ya da etrafında nefes alıp vermek yasaktır” bölümünde yerlerini alıyor. Çünkü baştan aşağı Swarovski ile işlenmiş bir Dice Kayek elbisesi giydiğiniz takdirde, dünya sizin etrafınızda dönmeye başlayabilir…

Although the idea behind establishing Dice Kayek was formed during your college years, how has your childhood and the way you were brought up affected the brand?

We were interested in fashion and the fashion industry since childhood. Our mother’s influence in this sense is huge. She used to follow fashion trends closely and was extremely stylish. That really inspired us. We observed closely how our mother designed her own clothing and how she got tailors to make them for her.

Photography by Fora Norman

I had the opportunity to spend time with you before your runway shows, can you talk about the last 12 hours for those who don’t know?

Although the preparation process of a collection starts 6 months prior (after a runway show, we immediately start working on the upcoming collection), the last couple of weeks are when we’re the busiest. Maybe not the last 12 hours, however the last 24 hours are filled with models trying on clothes, making final alterations, deciding on the final seating plan, interviews, a second round of fittings for models who get picked, taking pictures, and so forth. We live the last day as if it’s 5 days long! To be honest, up until the last 1-2 hours before the show, seamstresses are still beading and the models are still getting prepared to match the exact look that we want.

“…that process is creative, without limits, and pushes the limits of perfection in every way possible. This really gives us a kick. We can say that it is the nirvana of fashion design.”

Can you define each other during the preparation process of a collection?

Ayşe Ege: Ece is extremely calm.

Ece Ege: Ayşe is completely stressed out and depressive.

What was the origin of Dice Kayek’s now identifiable voluminous designs?

Architecture. Almost all architectural textures of everywhere we go and see around the world have an affect on each collection that we produce. The Istanbul Contrast collection which won a Jameel Prize is a collection where you can observe this influence very clearly.

Your designs are filled with details that make a woman feel good, and draw attention without sticking out. How did the Dice Kayek woman come about?

There was never a definitive Dice Kayek woman in our minds. However in general, women who wear Dice Kayek, like and follow the brand are elegant, classic women who are sure of themselves.

Photo by Cyril Chateau

In a period where fast consumption and copying one another are having the biggest moments, what is the advantage of making Couture for you?

Designing Couture is an extremely difficult process, however at the same time, it’s very challenging, creative and enjoyable. We see that people who really like dressing up and know how to are heading more towards special designs, especially at a time when “fast fashion” is increasing rapidly and everyone is getting dressed similarly like a prototype.

We see/witness that as opposed to picking pieces that everyone is coveting, people are preferring to wear designs that have been made with care and thought.

Which preparation process do you prefer: Couture or Ready-to-Wear?

The Couture collections, of course. Because that process is creative, without limits, and pushes the limits of perfection in every way possible. This really gives us a kick. We can say that it is the nirvana of fashion design.

Photo by Cyril Chateau

When you leave work and go home, what is the first thing that you discuss?

Shall we watch an episode of Game of Thrones?

Can you tell us about your favourite memory from Fashion Week?

Ayşe: I’ve really liked all of the runway shows that we’ve done so far however after our 1999 Fall / Winter collection titled Alien Ballerina, people were in tears; it was a very moving runway show. That is a beautiful memory I’ve never forgotten.
Ece: Every stage of our last Couture runway show Woven Tales.

How do you spend the day after a runway show / collection presentation?


Who would make Ayşe / Ece the happiest if she saw them wearing Dice Kayek?

Ayşe: Queen Elizabeth.

Ece: A very powerful woman leader, maybe Hillary Clinton on the day she gets elected!

What do you admire the most about Ayşe / Ece?

Ayşe: Her calmness, poise, and the fact that she has a good heart.

Ece: Her determination, hard work ethic, and persistence.

On a day off in Paris, what would you find Ayşe / Ece doing?

Ayşe: You could find Ece at a bookstore looking over various design or photography books.

Ece: Along the Seine river, running or walking.

What was Ayşe / Ece’s favourite review that she’s heard about your brand?

Every review after winning the Jameel Prize by V&A Museum made us proud, impressed us, and made us happy.

Author: Alara Kap