Ayla has shown us how striking results it could lead to support simplicity with small details. We had an inspiring conversation with Ayla who is featured on 2018 Istituto Marangoni Best Menswear Show with her collection about social anxiety disorder.

Who is Ayla aydoğan? What does she do?

After graduating from high school in Northern Cyprus, I enrolled in a year-long program at Condé Nast College of Fashion Design in 2014. A year later, I started studying Fashion Design at Istituto Marangoni London and graduated in 2018. In my senior year, I put together a collection that focuses on menswear and blends psychology and fashion. Then, I was chosen to be a part of Istituto Marangoni Best Menswear Show in Italy with this collection, which focuses on the social anxiety disorder recently and frequently experienced by people in their daily lives.

The phrase you use the most?

“Aynen” (meaning “exactly” in Turkish).

What do you listen to the most recently?

Oscar and The Wolf.

A suggestion for those considering to become a fashion designer?

Don’t be afraid to reflect your personality in your designs.

Describe fast fashion in one sentence.


What do your designs have in common?

Small details and simplicity.

Who are the groundbreaking names in fashion for you? And why?

Alexander McQueen because he’s one of the rare people to approach fashion as art.

The song that best describes your designs?

“Machine Gun” by Portishead.

What are your inspirations?

Emotional experiences and, of course, the world we live in.

The city that best suits your lines?


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