There are many different languages spoken in this land, but only one language that the fascist understand? Why don’t you? Kick the f.ckers in the head. To celebrate the 20th year of cult film “LA Haine” Asian Dub Foundation will have a special performance evening of April 20 in Babylon.

Rap core, dub, hip hop, trip hop, drum and bass… How do you define your music?
All of the above and none of the above. Plus a whole lot more. If you want to define it, just take a listen to it.

You helped the release of the warehouse worker Saptam Ram from prison. How did you make it happen?

We made a lot of noise while others (legal representatives etc.) did a lot of hard work on the ground. The two approaches complimented one another.

Can you describe the current political situation in Britain? And how do you get inspired from it while making music?

Indescribably awful. A country where the Prime Minister takes £3k a year from every disabled person to fund tax cuts for corporations. The “British political situation” is most definitely NOT inspiring in any way.

How can you describe the musical evolution of ADF since the very beginning?

A distinctive sound was created. In 1994 there was no other act that combined live bass, live guitar, Junglist rhythms and sounds from the Indian subcontinent.

What did you aim to demonstrate through the artwork of your album “A History of Now”?

A near future where Apps can change our immediate reality. It was speculation on a potential next phase.

You made a live soundtrack to “La Haine.” How did this project evolve, and what kind of reaction did you receive after the performance?

There were some key influences; (1) I went on a school trip at the age of 11 to Rank studios in London where I sat in on an orchestra dubbing a horror film live to tape with the musicians watching the film. Clearly the experience stayed with me. (2) There was a club night run by a friend of ours in London called “Old Films New Music” which was DJ’s playing while well-known films were projected in their entirety. It was there I asked myself what film would be good for ADF, and came up with “La Haine”. (3) We were asked to do a collaboration with a “contemporary composer” at a festival in London in 2001. We didn’t like the guy’s music and completely spontaneously I suggested a live soundtrack to “La Haine”. I then went to India and forgot about it. I came back and there were posters everywhere for the event and we had written nothing! But of course it turned out great!

I really like your sound “Rebel Warrior”. What did you feel when it played during the general strike in South Korea in 1997?

Is that the case? I didn’t know- or maybe I’ve forgottenabout that! It’s awesome of course. Incidentally I was told that “New Way New Life” was the first song played on Serbia’s independent B12 radio station after the fall of Milosevic.

What is next for you?

“La Haine” in Istanbul! Wow!