The world is eternally spinning… Every time you blink, you open your eyes to a different moment… And yet, how is it possible to remain unchanged? Ahsen’s passion for change, her realness amongst all these dreams reminds us of the comfort of a warm summer wind. What we love about dreaming is not its reality but its potential to become real and that is exactly the reason why we get along perfectly with Ahsen Eroğlu. Until our paths cross again, we are leaving you a story, adorned with an abundance of passion and dreams!

You say that your passion for acting and your passion for renewal are intertwined… Can you tell me about the situation you describe as “the need for self-renewal?”

Doesn’t even our planet renew itself every morning with the sun rising? I am exactly like that, every day is a new day, and we don’t know what’s going to happen to us. So, my excitement of learning from every situation I’m in never fades away. And I always say, I’m so lucky that I have a profession that I can keep on doing for life, and acting really requires a renewal every second. Since I’m always on the set, I feel like I refresh myself when I’m acting, and, of course, when I’m drawing in my free time. Discovering a new painter, watching movies that my friends enthusiastically recommend, camping whenever I feel like it, watering my plants… Staying in bed all day and looking at the screen is not who I am. Even when I was a kid, I couldn’t nap, I always thought I was missing something new. It has never changed, I still discover things in the most ordinary moments. Where does this necessity come from? From being human! We are all organisms, and every cell in our body is either regenerating or disappearing every second. Is it possible not to mentally regenerate when this is the case? The more I feel renewed, the more I feel alive…

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Do you think there’s social pressure on actors in that sense?

Socially, this pressure has a physical dimension, of course, but no one is interested in how much someone reinvents themselves or improves their personality. I feel sad about it sometimes. Every person who is good inside and happy with themselves, inevitably pays attention to their health and appearance, whether they want to or not. Yes, there is constant pressure to develop professionally, because the view of art and acting accumulates new trends almost every day. The pressure to keep up with and internalize them makes me more ambitious, though I’m not complaining about it. But it’s really annoying that people are constantly criticizing your appearance and judging your ideas based on whether they fancy you or not. I’ve had an incident recently that made me very sad. I’ve been accused of something I’ve never, ever even thought about. A photo I posted at the end of a scene was justifiably misunderstood as offensive to Asian people. But because I’m particularly sensitive about human and animal rights issues, I was very upset to face such backlash. I don’t know anything about racism, I come from a Bulgarian immigrant family. In ’89, when racism against Bulgarian Turks was at its peak, my family emigrated to Turkey, so I know very well how ugly discrimination is. Even the idea of hurting any person in this sense gives me the creeps.

Do you face your fears?

You bet, head on! I know I’m very brave in that sense. Especially if it’s something I’m really, really afraid of, I’ll go further and try to overcome. But, of course, I’m not so at peace with every fear I have, there’s the right time and place… I guess I’ll face them when the time comes (hopefully not too soon.)

Do you think that drawing makes you more imaginative?

You won’t believe it but I’m a very realistic person, and painting forces me to imagine. Brushing abstract images on paper subconsciously opens up a vast world in my mind. And when they solidify and are reflected on the canvas, the things I dream of become observable because they further nourish my visual side.


Is life like a race, a struggle?

I’m like a galloping horse right now. I run unabated, focused on my work, I get very tired, sometimes I don’t even have time to drink water, but I don’t have any complaints, as long as I feel the wind on my mane and I don’t have a halter around my neck.

How does dreaming affect you?

Daydreaming energizes me. When I dream of something, I get excited about the possibility of it happening. And in my pursuit of happiness, my dreams and goals distract me from everyday problems and make me a more positive person. Perhaps I have so much energy because I always have a dream. It doesn’t have to be a big one. Even buying the daisy hat I saw and liked on the internet is a dream for me, and I feel very happy when the package arrives.

When are you most in “the moment?”

In the silence… But also when listening to great songs. Both take place outdoors…

The main title of your concerns?

Running out of solutions.

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How would you describe summer?

The Aegean summer, not the Mediterranean summer, should be the right definition for me… Lukewarm wind blowing, waking up in a room overlooking the sea, leisurely walks. If I have breakfast with seasonal tomatoes, realize that sunglasses are really a necessity, and get more freckles then that’s summer!

How do you know that the summer is coming?

If I’m not cold, it’s summer… But all jokes aside, I’m like a fish, if you left me on an island, I would swim all day, roll on the sand. If I’m starting to dream about a vacation in the spring then the summer is near.

Do you believe in summer love?

I believe in all forms of love. But, of course, the summer’s joy and warmth can sometimes cause sudden excitements.

Close your eyes and tell us a story of the sea, sand, and plenty of sunlight!

I’m in a newly painted trailer with light color decor. Beautiful bird songs creep in from the outside, the morning wind blows through the small window I opened slightly at night to ease the hot air, and it gently ripples the curtain. I get up, look out of the trailer’s door. I squint my eyes from the sunlight, but I’m trying to look a little farther. There’s an endless beach ahead that shines like gold. I put on my slippers, start playing a song from my phone, and put it in my pocket. I’m walking to the beach with a dog after me. On the sand, the traces of my steps intertwine with the dog’s tiny paws…

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What separates the summer from all other seasons and adds value to our lives?

Being able to wear flowy clothes and lie down warm… There’s nothing like the sun’s warmth I guess… But I am also extremely concerned that we may lose this soon. Not only in summer, but in every season, our planet’s future is in the back of our minds, as it should be. So, I’m thinking about how I can integrate vegan or unpackaged products in my life even when sunbathing.

In short;

A movie?

Three Colours: Blue.

A character?

Hades in the 1997 Hercules animation.

A line?

What does it matter…

Your latest discovery on Netflix?

Bir Başkadır, Fatma…

Who do you talk to most on the phone?

With Grandpa :)

A book?

Time Out of Joint by Philip K. Dick or Hani by Oruç Aruoba.

A quote?

Life is short, tits are sagging… (Kalben)

Which song is the most listened on your playlist right now?

Midlake, Provider…

How does a classic summer morning start for you?

Maggie meows, the sun seeps through the curtains, and Ahsen resists a little to stay asleep.

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Filmed by Melike Müge Şahin 
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Hair by İbrahim Zengin ⁠
MUA Serkan Parmaksızoğu, KLAN⁠
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